Riot – Destroyer EP

Catalogue nr:  SKLTR009

Release date: 21-07-2017
After a short hiatus, we unveil the 9th release on Skalator Music by Portuguese long-standing musician, producer and DJ, Riot.

Founding member of Lisbon’s Jungle / Drum & Bass collective Cooltrain Crew, and together with João Barbosa (Branko), created the globally acclaimed band Buraka Som Sistema, touring worldwide and featured on the 49th Fabric Live album in 2009.

More recently, he joined the ranks of Metalheadz's strict artist club releasing “Control of People” with Swedish-born producer Mikal which led to another collaboration betweem the two called "Segunda" for Mikal’s album “Wilderness”, fusing Drum and Bass sounds with Zouk Bass influences. He’s now working on his first solo album to be released later this year, and collaborating with local and international artists alike, refining his unique production style.

“Destroyer E.P.” unleashes four crafted cuts where we see Riot moving away from the “Zouk Bass” sound, into pure Drum and Bass territory. All tunes showcase his samurai production skills, always with the dance floor in mind.

We would like to give a shout out to all involved in the movement, keeping the vibes alive...
This is a special release for us after Marcus Intalex recent passing.


Tracks 1 to 4: Written and Produced by Rui Pité
Mastering by Hugo Santos
Artwork by 79ers

P & C Skalator Music 2017


1. Riot - Destroyer [05:19]
2. Riot - Section 9 [04:53]
2. Riot - Contradiction [04:34]
4. Riot - The Weapon [04:58]