Neurotoxin – X-Wing / Contraband

Catalogue nr:  SKLTR012

Release date: 21-12-2018
As we are fast approaching the end of this current year, and because we were holding this one out for far too long, we proudly unveil the new single “X-Wing / Contraband” by Neurotoxin, long standing friends and fellow producers, who return to the label with two fresh cuts straight from “The Hacienda”.

Following on their previous releases on the label “Vitrification E.P.”, “Ashes / Low Light” and “Phoenix E.P.”, where they have crafted some exquisite vibes and shown their unique approach to the genre, this single is a showcase of their seamless take on deep drum and bass.

The leading track “X-Wing” is evolving and driven by syncopated drums, deep synth stabs and mutating pads and FX, resulting in an epic voyage through smoky sci-fi textures.

On the flip side with “Contraband”, we see the duo move into deeper and roller territories unleashing a fast moving track, but still keeping that trademark Neurotoxin sound.

Written and Produced by Gonçalo Silva and Pedro Lopes

Mastering by Gonçalo Silva
Artwork by Incendiário

P & C Skalator Music 2018


1. Neurotoxin - X-Wing [06:12]
2. Neurotoxin - Contraband [04:37]