Neurotoxin – Vitrification EP

Catalogue nr:  SKLTR004

Release date: 14-05-2016
Vitrification is the debut EP release of the Portuguese duo Neurotoxin on Skalator Music, a cinematic journey into the deep realms of bass music.

A combination of intricate pieces of music featuring Y.L.S. on "Revo" and "Moving Target", the EP is unpredictable from start to finish and features a unique blend of classic breaks, industrial noise, dreamy atmospheric sounds and low frequencies.


1. Cryogenic [07:14]
2. Glare [04:33]
3. NRTXN & Y.L.S. - Revo [05:21]
4. NRTXN & Y.L.S. - Moving Target [06:55]
5. Read My Lips [05:21]