Neurotoxin – Bishop / Capacitor

Catalogue nr:  SKLTR016

Release date: 29-11-2019
This has been a good year for Skalator Music and though the number of releases hasn’t been abundant, we have been consistently pushing quality over quantity.
Time flies when you are having fun and after the release of Dj Al:X's acclaimed first solo release at the end of September, we’re proud to announce that our favourite producer duo, Neurotoxin, are back for another bashing single - “Bishop / Capacitor”.

Honing their skills and production ethos, these two are consistently unleashing their unique approach to drum and bass culture, with previous singles “X-Wing / Contraband” and their amazing “Phoenix E.P.” doing damage on worldwide dance floors. This release relates to a continuity within their musical versatility, wrapping 2019 with two expertly executed cuts.

Their return to the Skalator Music’s camp is a well received one, and a straightforward reminder on why we still push this boundless music.

Track 1 and 2: Written and Produced by Gonçalo Silva & Pedro Lopes Mastering by Hugo Santos
Artwork by Incendiario

P & C Skalator Music 2019


1. Neurotoxin - Bishop [06:33]
2. Neurotoxin - Capacitor [06:46]