J Plates – The Relic / Liquid Metal

Catalogue nr:  SKLTR013

Release date: 22-03-2019
As we set sail into 2019, we unveil the 13th sequel from Skalator Music, welcoming New Zealand producer J Plates into our growing catalog. His tracks have become recognised for their sonic qualities, rich in atmospheric character and influenced by a more nostalgic and musical sound within the Drum & Bass and Electronic Music spectrums, with releases on Sonata Records, Offworld Recordings, Deafmuted Records, Liquid Brilliants, Audio Theory Records and Omni Music.

For this release, he embraces the reminiscent sound from the late 90’s drum and bass vibe unleashing two tracks that immediately take us back to our teenager dancefloor days. The “Kiwi” DJ / producer, now based in the UK, brings his music production skills to our table, showcasing a “future classic” sound.

Tracks 1 and 2: Written and Produced by J Plates

Mastering by Hugo Santos
Artwork by Acoldzero

P & C Skalator Music 2019


1. J Plates - The Relic [06:38]
2. J Plates - Liquid Metal [07:14]