Bassment – Falling / What If

Catalogue nr:  SKLTR019

Release date: 01-06-2020
Born in 1992 in the city of Porto (Portugal), Bassment is a DJ and producer. In 2009 he started to buy his first vinyl’s, months before having turntables. Short after, he makes his debut with local promoters and in 2010 is referenced as an upcoming DJ talent by 105 Agency.

Since then, he has collaborated with Bluejay The MC, Humanature, Psychic Pressure, Dub Signalz and Zezalien. In 2013, Bassment co-founded Counterpoint Recordings and started releasing music with record labels such as Audio Theory, Beat Spectrum, Citrus, Counterpoint, Delta9, Fokuz, I.D. Bogotá, Kulture Klash, Peer Pressure, Promo Audio and True Box. His music was supported on radio and studio mixes by Noisia (Radio), Philth (Fabric:live x Dispatch), Xtrah (Funk Cast), BassBrothers (Fabric:live x Playaz) and DJ support from Bredren, Document One, DBR UK, Mauoq, Sweetpea, and DJ Rusty.

This single is an integral part of our continued support for homegrown artists, and even more so during these times of undefinition for the near future. We are very honoured to have music by all these talented producers, and we feel very proud on welcoming Bassment to our midst. Both cuts are a clinical portrait of his sound, combining Bassment’s view of a contemporary approach to Drum and Bass production.

Setting the single’s tone, Bassment bring us “Falling”, a vibey two-step tune, making good use of cool pads and vocal samples. On the flip side, "What If” takes us on a different tip, with a grooving b-line and Jazzy influenced samples.


Written and Produced by José Miguel Silva
Mastering by Hugo Santos
Artwork by Incendiario

P & C Skalator Music 2020


1. Bassment - Falling [04:30]
2. Bassment - What If [04:29]