Decadance #3 feat. Neurotoxin @ Rádio Quântica [Podcast]

#3 with Neurotoxin guest mix.

First part covers next releases and dubs, followed by guest mix, ending with a live DJ mix.

Programa de rádio mensal dedicado à bass music feita em Portugal e fora de portas, com especial foco nas frequências mais à esquerda do espectro musical, as também chamadas frequências graves, que não se ouvem mas que se sentem.

Monthly radio show dedicated to bass music made in Portugal and wordwide filled with low frequency vibes, that you don't listen but that you feel rumbling inside.

This month we invited a special guest our own label artists Neurotoxin - with a 30 minute mix full of groove.


Uploaded on 03-02-2017